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Lisa L
professional liability insurance
I've carried my own professional liability insurance for years and have never given it a second thought. Every time it comes up for renewal I just send in my check. This year it occurred to me that as my role as an IV nurse has expanded to include PICC line placement with US/MST and the possibility that we may be moving toward nurse interpretation of radiographs for PICC tip placement that a standard professional liability policy might not be sufficient coverage. IV therapy was not listed in the renewal application for requiring a special rider but I wonder....Does anyone have any insight about this that they could share?
I have never seen any

I have never seen any differientiation on my insurance based on our specialty. The only group that is separated is anyone working in OB. You should direct specific questions to your insurance company, but I don't think our specialty requires any form of additional coverage nor is there any available that I have ever seen. The one thing you need to look at though is coverage as an employed nurse vs coverage as a self-employed nurse. That makes a huge difference in the price of the policy. So those placing PICCs as a self-employed contractor need to have coverage specifying that role. 


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