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Jackie Tropp
IV cart

Does any IV team have an IV cart that they really think is very good?  Please let me know as we are looking for a good cart company willing to work with us. 


Thanks In advance.  Jackie Tropp

HI Jackie, Carts can be
HI Jackie, Carts can be combersome. At CMH we started with a cart and nurses where getting back pain, some that are tall were hitting thier knees. They needed to be wiped down after being in an isolation room, and yes they need to have a lock on them. We stream lined and went to a paramedic bag and used them for about a year. Now the team caries or pushes nothing. The bedside gets the PIV kit and flushes out of the pixes and puts it at the bedside for the VAT. This seems to work very well.
We have tried several

We have tried several different carts and bags. We have settled on two products that are easy to obtain.

We have an old code cart which we have filled with PICC supplies and anything we could possibly need to insert a PICC. It is very mobile and fits easily into the patient rooms, elevators, and through the halls.

For peripherial IVs we each have a set of travel cosmetic bags from a "discount retailer" that has several compartments that hold IV catherters, EMLA, dressings ans that kind of stuff. This is very light and is with us most of the day.

Let me know if I can provide further information.

[email protected] 

Caleb Kent, RN, BSN, CRNI

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