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Robbin George
Breast Implants

I have not seen this topic discussed before so I hope this not a silly question but.....

Do the presence of Breast Implants impact any aspect of the PICC insertion procedure?

Interfere with Navigation device or Ultrasound?

Any chance an Implant could be insulted by threading catheter and cause a leak?


I can not see how a PICC

I can not see how a PICC insertion could possibly interfere with breast implants or visa versa. The implants are on the outside of the chest wall. The PICC is passing inside the thorax. I also would not think that there could be anything in an implant that would interfere with any of the navigation systems since the implants are made of saline-filled plastic bags and do not contain any metal. Just my guess, hope someone knows for sure about the navigation systems. 


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