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Infusion of Platelets via Pump

We currently utilize the Baxter IV Blood set and infuse our blood via pump without hemolysis to the cells.  My question/concern is if anyone is utilizing the Baxter blood tubing to infuse platelets without causing hemolysis.  I understand the pump can infuse it safely but my concern is any damage to the cells themselves.  We currently utilize a platelet tubing in which the drip chamber and filter are together thus minimizing the surface space the platelets go over - thought to cause less risk of hemolysis in the past.  Thoughts?

You will need to check with

You will need to check with the tubing manufacturer to determine what their instructions are. Platelet tubing and tubing for packed RBCs could have a different design in the filter, etc. I depends on their instructions. You could also check with your blood bank. Try to borrow a copy of the Technical Manual from the American Association of Blood Banks to read what they recommend. Lynn 

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