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No clamps on Solo
Had a question from a nurse in regards to no clamps on the new Bard Solo PICC and the concern that should the cap fall off the patient could bleed out.  I explained that there is a valve on the proximal end of the PICC etc but she is still concerned.  Thoughts or better explanation for the nurse?
There are now 2 brands of

There are now 2 brands of catheters that have the valve located in the external catheter hub and neither of them have a clamp. If the needleless device were to come loose or be accidentally removed, the valve will not open automatically. Both require pressure to open on injection or aspiration. So the presence of the valve should prevent air emboli. Clamps between the patient and the valve could prevent the valve from properly closing. You can put an extension on the catheter and clamp between the valve and the end of the extension set.  But you still have to rely on the valve if the connection between the catheter hub and extension set is somehow loosened.


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