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TPN concentration standards

Does anyone know the latest INS standard for the highest concentration of Dextrose that can be in PPN?  I know that the "standard" has been up to 10% but for some reason I have up to 12.5% in some of my "notes" that I have collected from lectures, etc.  I would appreciate any response that could come my way.

Also, off of the above subject.....Does anyone know the standard number of PICC placements a PICC nurse needs to place each year to maintain competency?

Thanks for the input on the above 2 questions! 

The INS standards do not

The INS standards do not specify a concentration of dextrose for any purpose. It does state that all fluids with an osmolarity greater than 600 mOsm/L are not recommended for infusion through a peripheral vein. 5% dextrose- 270 mOsm/L, 10% = 540, 12.5% = 675 and this is above the recommended limit.

PPN is an old term that is not used much anymore. Most nutrition experts now think that this formulation is not adequate for anyone, so I have seen the use of this solution drop greatly.

There is no recommended number of PICC placement annually that will ensure a nurse retains competency. All competency assessment programs should be adjusted on a periodic basic toward the goal of improving practice. So look at your outcomes with PICC insertion, determine what your problems are, and then adjust your competency assessment processes to improve those outcomes. This is a constant process that is not tied to a magic number of insertions annually.  Hope this helps


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