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Ann Williams RN CRNI
IV Nurses Day

The hospital I am associated with has asked me if I could help them plan something for the IVT for IV Nurses Day.  this is a first, since I left the position MANY years ago!  I have a few ideas, but would appreciate it if you could share any ideas with me.



Anne Marie Frey
We have done

We have done multiple things over the years....posters, a table with all the devices [but it is hard to get staff to man it], crossword puzzle handouts, and more recenlty, advertised on our hospital intranet and news letters and for the IV team, usually have some sort of food or cookies by design, and something from the INS store.  One year I had one of the kids draw us a picture of an IV nurse, printed that onto iron on transfer paper and made t-shirts for the team and a poster.  I know some teams have big celebrations depending on number of staff, or else, even have a dinner or chapter celebration.

Happy IV Nurse Day to all!! 


Anne Marie Frey RN, BSN, CRNI

Clinical Nurse Level Four

Vascular Access Service: I.V. Team

The Children's Hospital of Philadelphia

Anne Marie Frey RN, BSN, CRNI, VA-BC Clinical Expert Vascular Access Service: I.V. Team The Children's Hospital of Philadelphia [email protected]

We usually do a display

We usually do a display board at each hospital in our system. This year we are doing educational things on line care (flushing, occlusion, aseptic technique and the rationale for all. We plan on putting a picture of a patient with IV and or central line..... a contest and drawing to identify the things that are wrong in the picture....I am having food brought in on Friday the 25th for the team. Of course we are also asking them to wear their new lanyards with the SAVE that line logos on them!!! Much of our education on the display boards deals with SAVE and specific things we see as problematic at our hospitals.... I'd like to focus in on the cleansing of adapters. IT would be nice to have some of the dye that they use when they teach kids about handwashing.

 Jose Delp RN BSN

Clinical coordinator IV Team

Upper Chesapeake Health

Jose Delp RN BSN

CliClinical Nurse Manager IV Team

Upper Chesapeake Health

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