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susan parrish
Dressings for Hem./Onc. Patients

1. What types of dressings/bio occlusives  are available for the Hem/Onc. patients that have a sensitivity to tegaderm?

2. Any suggestions for products that cover  PICCs/Ports when pts are showering? 


susan parrish
Oncology Ambula...
Susan, For any of our
Susan, For any of our patients who have a sensitivity to Tegaderm we suggest using Primapore. It is a gauze dressing that is occlusive with a paper tape edge. The patients then go to Monday, Wednesday, Friday dressing changes and we eliminate Biopatch in this situation. I think that Primapore is made by Smith & Nephew. Good Luck,Karen

Karen McKeon Williford RN, CRNI

Angela Lee
Because I think it's

Because I think it's important to be able to see the site on ports and PICCs I use Op Site 3000 when patients cannot tolerate Tegaderm.  It has more permiablity than Tegaderm.  However, Tegaderm does make Tegaderm HP which may be better tolerated as well.

I also use the arm Bathguard for patients with PICCs.  I really don't know what's best to protect accessed ports when showering.

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