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Grip-Lok by Baxter
Is anyone using the grip-lok by baxter? Currently we are using the stat-lock by bard and the hospital is shopping around for a more cost effective solution.
T. Nauman RN, CRNI  IV

T. Nauman RN, CRNI  IV Educator SHMC Eugene, OR

We've started using the grip lock for our peripheral I.V. starts, and we like it a lot so far.  It holds the extension tubing securely and prevents movement of the catheter. We trialed it for PICCs and found it worked ok for single lumens but to hold double and triple lumens securely, we had to use two of them.

 We've recently had to stop suturing our ICU PICCs and use another securement method...the one we like best is "the Bone" from Nexus Medical.  Sorry, I'm not sure of the cost.

T. Nauman RN, CRNI

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