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Kathy 4 PICCs
2 person vs 1 person PICC teams

Does anyone have any time and motion studies on 2 person PICC teams v. single person PICC teams.   We're looking for the most efficient way possible to place PICCs and are looking for evidence based information.   I've explained problems with sterile field, regowning if you drop something or need something outside of the field.   They just don't seem to understand and want evidence as soon as possible for budgets and staff planning.

Thanks for your help in advance!


It is nice to have a second

It is nice to have a second person during the insertion and the clean up is faster. If you do a good setup usually you don't need anything. If the second nurse takes the Ultrasound after insertion and starts already the next line, than you save some time.

You don't need 2 people for a insertion, but it is nice to have some company.


Alma Kooistra
I agree with
I agree with Andre......two inserters working together would be nice, but I have always worked alone and done fine.  Appropriate and careful setup usually ensures that I don't need to have additional help.  I would think that the numbers of PICC requests in your facility could drive this however, since the 'tag team' approach (with one of you leaving with the US machine to start on the next patient while the other of you finishes up) could save some time, I'd think.
2 person PICC team

We use 2 person teams. Our rationale is that the physycians have to have a second person when attempting subclavian or jugular lines, therefore we need 2 people for PICC's. One is explaining & getting consent while the other one gathers supplies. The assistant does paperwork, signs off the orders & orders xrays while inserter cleans up. The assistant answers the beepers which are always going off. A lot of our patients are too sick to completely cooperate with arm positioning or turning the head, so the second person is also a hands on assistant.


Victoria Sallese, RN, VAT, PICC service

2 person vs. one   I will

2 person vs. one


I will put it this way.  IR has 2-3 people most often one direct assist.  IR turns a room in 47-67 minutes.  If you have a two person team you must also turn a room in 47-67 minutes which means the expectation is a minimum of 6-7 PICC lines in an 8 hour day.  A MD turns an ICU room with a nurse assist in approx 30-45 minutes for a central line insertion.  The nurse does the initial set up and clean-up.  Acute care central lines go in faster than a PICC by the way.


If you go at it alone your turn time is 2 hours


Remember that includes all gather supplies, documentation, etc



Kathy Kokotis

Bard Access Systems

Chris Naylor
Kathy,   I have 2 people on



I have 2 people on my team that insert this way and it takes them about 30 minutes for the whole deal. They work well in concert with one another and can anticipate their needs. One positions and scrubs the arm while the other sets up the tray. The 2nd person fills out the paper work so once the line is in they are on their way. I have been alone for so long that it feels weird to me to do this and I don't always have a second person who can help. I like the idea if the 2 that are on can work well together. I have a couple of people who have their "own" way of setting up so it wouldn't work for them



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