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Scrubbing the Hub

 I have been telling everyone at my hospital about the new evidence based practice concerning the 15 second scrub, and have been getting some questions that I hope you all can help me with!

When you scrub the access port do you scrub between every access?

Ex: Prior to access, after saline flush that was used to check for blood return, proir to attaching secondary set, prior to removing secondary set, as well as in between the saline and heparin flush?

Thank you for any information you may provide!

Donna Schweitzer, BSN

The Reading Hospital and Medical Center

I am scrubbing(for 15
I am scrubbing(for 15 seconds, like I'm juicing an orange) the hub prior to accessing, whether for blood draws or entering the line to hook up an IV.  If at any time after cleaning the hub it touches anything, I would reclean it.  But if you are cleaning, then flushing, then hooking up, I don't think you need to reclean as long as the hub hasn't connected with anything else, because your flush and your iv tubing connection should be sterile (in other words, you can't put it down after flushing and then connect to an iv, unless you clean it again).
I teach that the hub should
I teach that the hub should be cleaned before each and every use. So for SASH this means cleaning 4 times with 4 different swab pads. The current study only looked at the length of time to prevent ingress of organisms. It did not address these issues in your question. But even before this study, I was teaching to clean before each entry and I have always practiced that way for 35 years. So this is not a new concept. Lynn

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