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I am looking for information regarding a successful product used to provide local anesthetic prior to IV insertion.  I have received information on a product called "J-Tip from NMP (National Medical Products, Inc.  They have a product which is an injector system that forces medication into the sq skin by high pressure CO2 gas in a fraction of a second.  The information I have received also seems cumbersom in that the lidocaine has to be filled into each of these injectors either by pharmacy or the IV Therapy RN under the laminar flow hood.  At this point I would think since patient satisfaction is high on everyone's list, there should be a product that is already pre-filled.

We have had numerous requests for a product other than LMX4 that works fast and is approved for use in peds.

Any ideas or success stories?

Gwen Irwin
There is a company called

There is a company called AnesIVa, that has their product in the process of being approved by the FDA.  It is an intradermal high pressure system that administers lidocaine.

They have a program called VOICE in anticipation of the approval of their product.  VOICE stands for Venipuncture Optimization through Improved Compassion and Education.

Gwen Irwin

Austin, Texas

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