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Jayita Ray
PICC insertion on opposite arm after previous PICC caused DVT

Hi, I'm new to this Forum, but I'm trying to locate the EBP and resources that tell us whether PICCs placed in the opposite arm of patients that have had previous PICCs have a increase chance of developing a DVT, if they had complications of DVTs from previous PICCs. 

I remember reading and using the statistic that there is a higher probability of developing future and subsequent DVTs with PICC placement if you've had a PICC with a DVT in the past. 

Can you help me with the literature? 

To answer  your question

To answer  your question would require a literature search. You can start by looking at the references listed in the INS SOP on CVAD Thrombosis and the catheter manufacturer IFU and the references in that booklet., 

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