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Dialysis catheter connectors

Hi Lynn,

I am asking if it is necessarry to place a TEGO connector on the end of the dialysis cathter during dialysis of any kind?

It is acceptable to connect right into the lumen without using the TEGO connector?

Also, should the disconnecting from the dialysis machine be done using sterile technique?

There is some variablitliy in practice here at our Davita center in our hospital and we have seen some CLABSIs related to these dialysis catheters.

thank you


I am not an expert on

I am not an expert on dialysis at all. Re use of Tego, my understanding is that you can perform the dialysis through this device. But dialysis has been done for many years by making direct male to female luer connections. Use of a connector such as Tego is not required by the standards of practice. You should look at the studies involving this device and determine from the evidence what your practice should be. 

Disconnection and connection of all lines in all situations must be done with an aseptic non touch technique. But the exterior of all administration sets are not sterile. Read the package to find that only the 2 ends under the caps and the fluid pathway is sterile. Therefore "sterile" technique is a misnomer. You simply cannot do sterile technique when you begin with devices that are not sterile. Also we are no longer using the phrase "sterile technique". Sterile means free from ALL living organisms. Aseptic technique is done by knowing what is sterile, what is not sterile, keeping these groups of device separate, and if a sterile device is contaminated do something about it. See definitions in the INS SOP, which are inline with definitions from APIC. 

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Thank you Lynn as always for your expert answers.

dee morrisond

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