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Morbidly Obese/Barriatric patient.

With insertion of PICC line in the Bariatric or Morbidly Obese Patient We recently experienced a gray area in which the Full Max Barrier did not drop down on the side of pt  to the extent that There was question if the Coverage was Adequate. Could anyone please direct me to referencing this issue. I have looked in AORN guidelines but have not found the answer as of yet.



You may need to be a little

You may need to be a little more specific about the length of the drop on the side. The studies all used "full body drape", and I don't think they specified a length or width. If your drape only reaches to the edge of the bed, you could contaminate your sterile gown by leaning against the exposed bed. In these cases you might need to add another drape to cover the sides, but there are no specific standards stating the amount of space that needs to be covered. 


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