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acronym VAD

Do you use any other acronym for Vascular Access Device(VAD)? In my hospital, there are some staff saying that they are confused when the PICC team use the word VAD algorithm. They say that they are confused with Vascular Asisst Device= VAD. Some of the hospital committes would like us to change from VAD to something else, like VAG( vascular access guide). But in my opinion, it's not the term that  the AVA and INS guidelines/standard of practice use when we mention about VAD. What are your opinions about this issue? Thank you!

VAD is vascular access device

VAD is vascular access device which includes all types from the shortest smallest PIVC up to the largest longest hemodialysis catheter. Both AVA and INS documents use this phrase and I think it would be impossible to change this phrase at this point. 

How is vascular assist devices defined? It seems like this is a smaller group of devices and patients and that term should change. 

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Thank you Lynn. That's what I

Thank you Lynn. That's what I thought. I really like how you said it that it is impossible to change it at this point.

It seems they are calling

It seems they are calling LVADs (left ventricular assist devices) VADs for short. Most people hear VAD and think that, not vascular access. Can you use the whole phrase to decrease confusion? 

That's a good idea. I would

That's a good idea. I would try use the whole phrase whenever I can to avoid the confusion. Thank you!!

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