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wiring a PIV

Do any current pediatric VAT teams use wires or baby wires for PIV placement? are there any standards or research to support this in INS or AVA?

 There is now a short

 There is now a short peripheral catheter with a wire built into it to improve insertion success. I have never seen any research using a wire of any kind to insert short peirpehral catheters in any age group. Wires can be dangerous if not used correctly. Then there is the whole question of what wire would be used. This would be off label for the wire manufacturer and the catheter manufacturer has not instructions for such a procedure. And there is the question of wire size and availability. Lynn

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Using guidewires with PIV catheter inserrtion

 The use of a guidewire with a peripheral intravenous catheter is for the Certified Vascular Access professional who has collaborated with a physician knowledgable of vascular access procedures. The combination of products "off label" can result in damage to tissue and or vessel. The transition from wire to catheter must be perfect. I would advise developing a collaborative/mentor relationship with an Interventional Radiologist to assist in the use of a guidewire in a PIV. I do use one on rare occasions, but I can not advise the same in your practice. That would be up to your mentor.

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