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Linda Tirabassi
Fungitell assay (D-glucan assay)

I work in a peds hospital where the Hem/Onc unit (which is not my area) is drawing weekly fungitell assays on some patients. This is an expensive test that is highly sensitive to false positives and so we are developing a procedure in order to have more consistency. Does any one have a procedure on this they are willing to share? If not, can anyone describe your practice regarding what you are using to disinfect the port and the procedure for specimen collection? Thanks in advance for your responses.

Linda Tirabassi RN CNS

Long Beach, CA

 Well at first I thought this

 Well at first I thought this was a typo but then did a Google search and found many websites with information. I did not read far enough to learn what disease this is diangosing or about the false posiitves. If these false positives are due to infused drugs that may adhere to the biofilm, then I am wondering if using a CVAD is appropriate. For disinfection, I would say that should be the same as with any patient - the highest level of physical scrubbing of the needleless connector or use of a disinfectant protective cap on top of the needleless connector. Eager to read advise of others. Lynn

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