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temp femoral lines

Does anyone have references to support bedrest with temp femoral lines?


 There are lots of articles

 There are lots of articles that are relatively easy to locate that discuss malposition of femorally inserted catheters. Many times these lines are not correctly placed to be considered a CVC - with the tip above the diaphragm in the inferior vena cava. They can go into renal and hepatic veins and numeorus other places. Ambulation could easily displace them in my opinion but I don't actually remember what the literature says about secondary malposition or tip migration for any line inserted via the femoral. Of course, I musst point out that now there are numerous recommendations and guidelines warning against the use of femoral insertion sites including CDC, IDSA, SHEA. Lynn

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ambulation with temp femoral lines

This was a post back some time.  I am now being told that infection risks are no longer proven with temp femoral lines and also that bedrest and no ambulation is not correct.  I have searched but not found any literature regarding the ambulation piece and have been asked ot update policies.

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