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Peripheral flush question

Please forgive me if I posted this in the past, it is a horse that will not die at my hospital.

How are NSS flushes charged and charted in other hospitals?  Is the flush charge built in to the room?  Is the saline documented on the medication administration record?   

Gwen Irwin
Normal saline comes from

Normal saline comes from supply and is not charged to the patient.  It is documented on the MAR (should be documented, but we do find gaps) time and amount given IV.

Gwen Irwin

Saline flushes is one of the
Saline flushes is one of the most important methods to assess patency of the line. So it is very important to document them. In reviewing many legal cases, the lack of charting a saline flush leads to much confusion when an extravasation injury occurs. Lynn

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