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Aspectic technique with dialysis catheter dressing changes

Currently we use aseptic technic when performing central line/PICC dressing changes for all inpatients.  The dialysis unit, both inpatient and outpatient uses clean gloves when performing dressing changes on their catheters.  Our organizational standard is to apply biopatch to all of these lines.  Biopatch is sterile and the sterility goes out the window when applied using clean gloves.  I recall reading an article addressing the need for sterility in regards to dialysis catheter care but never saved it.  Anyone know????  The dialysis unit states that under KDOKI (?sp.) guidelines it is a clean technique.

 CDC guidelines states that

 CDC guidelines states that hemodialysis catheters are the most common factor contributing to bacteremia in dialysis patients. The CDC guidelines and Infusion Nursing Standards of Practice call for all sterile dressings on all catheters. Are these tunneled and cuffed hemodialysis catheters? Are you talking about the dressing immediately after insertion or after the SC cuff has healed? Previously the CDC did state that clean or sterile gloves could be used for these dressings but that is not included in the 2011 CDC guidelines document. K/DOQI was published before these new CDC guidelines were released April 1, so maybe they have not caught up yet. Lynn

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