PICC into a left SVC

Thanks to Jamie Santolucito and Oregon Health Sciences University





 I've never seen this.... is this an anomaly?

 Besides, it looks far too deep to me?





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Looks like the patient may have situs inversus totalis - reversal/mirroring of the position of the intrathoracic and abdominal organs. 

It should be consider to long it looks at though it may be in the region of the coronary sinus, not a place you would want a thrombus to form. It should be pulled back.

Jeffery Fizer RN, BSN

It could also be intra-arterial.  Was this catheter transduced for waveform to confirm venous or arterial placement out of interest??


Timothy R. Spencer, RN, APN, DipAppSci, BH, ICU Cert, VA-BC™
Vascular Access Consultant
That CVC guy from Australia :-}