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Vascular Access Service justification

Does anyone know of any recent articles that support having a vascular access service - responsible for PICC, Midlines, PIVs, teaching etc. I need any research articles published that can show that such a service has been shown to reduce harm, increase patient satisfaction etc. I am struggling at my facility to expand our service. While the Medical Faculty, RNs and patients who need and use our service regularly are demanding a bigger service with more coverage - the administration who control the purse strings and are not on the receiving end of our service need more encouragement to get on board and support us.

Can anyone help with data, articles?
it would be much appreciated!

 2016 INS Standards of

 2016 INS Standards of Practice now includes a new standard on infusion teams with a list of studies showing improved outcomes. You will also need internal data on problems like complications, slower service leading to longer patient throughput and lost dollars for the facility. The hospital acquired conditions list from CMS now includes 4 different infusion related conditions for which there is no reimbursement to the hospital. Lynn


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Thank you Lynn!

Thank you Lynn!


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