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Pat Barney

Looking for some ammunition. A particular physician is against the concept of early assessment for PICCs. He said we are "soliciting business" We currently recieve a print out of the pts on Vanco and place a "Dear Dr." message on the chart. We are a relatively new PICC Team. Thanks for any input

occurrence reports re the answer

You need to have staff start to write an incidence report and every PIV that goes bad with vanco before the 72 hour dwell time.  than hand over the stack

Kathy Kokotis

 Bard Access Systems

Physician Education on Vancomycin

First, you will need to educate physicians, all physicians about the risk. They are not knowledgeable of the affects of pH and osmolarity on venous endothelium and the ensuing results of thrombosis, infiltration, etc. You will need to have a good command of the information to share with them and find creative ways to get physicians to listen to your information. You may have to educate other physicians and then get them to convince the one that is your current challenge. Go to my blog to learn more of the details

This was my first post on this blog about changing physicians perception of vancomycin. Good luck, Lynn

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Gwen Irwin

I would suggest to ask the Dr. if he/she is aware of how many IVs are required to administer vancomycin.  Ask the Dr. to check with patients or with the nurses administering vanc about how long each IV lasts.  I have found that they are unaware of the number of IVs required to administer this. 

We have had Dr. say that we are generalizing about this, when they have no idea of the number of PIVs that it takes to do peripheral administration.

Gwen Irwin

Austin, Texas

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