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ms redsuzy

can anyone tell me, can vamps be used on power piccs and if so is it recomended and what are the cons of using this device. are the blood samples skued in any way, and is the flush adequate to clean the picc and keep it patent. thanks so much for all your help

I assume you are asking about

I assume you are asking about the blood sampling systems and V.A.M.P. is one brand. These systems are frequently used on arterial lines but have also been used on venous lines as well. All they do is aspirate a blood sample into a volume restricted fluid reservoir so that the blood can then be aspirated into a vacuum tube or syringe. Then the system flushes the line to push the remaining blood back into the vein. The whole idea of a flush, any flush, being able to "clean the line" is not proven. There will always be fibrin products and biofilm inside the lumen that firmly adhere to the catheter walls and no amount, type of solution or technique has been show to clean the walls. I don't think there is a pressure issue with these devices so do not believe that a power injectable PICC is required. There are a few studies available but am not sure if any have been done on PICCs as most have been done on arterial lines. There is a brief description of these systems on pages 410-411 of the new INS textbook. Lynn

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