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Valved PICC lines

Does any one have any information about using the "LifeShield Clave & TKO-4S" on a valved PICC line?  Was not sure if it would be a problem (I loved what it has done for my few PIVs that have been in for days).  I am concidering changing product but need to make sure about the valved PICCS first.


All valved PICCs are not the

All valved PICCs are not the same. Which one are you using? Lynn

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We have had some Bard Solos

We have had some Bard Solos and an Xcela in home care so far.   I ask because I have had such good luck decreasing occlusion problems by using the LifeShield TKO and want to start using the TKO bonded to the Clave but don't know if that will have any affect on valved PICCs.

Valorie Dunn,BSN, RN, CRNI, PLNC

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