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vad stats
I am the supervisor for the IV team in a hospital based homecare.  I keep vad/therapy stats (and have for the last 6 years.  Is there anyone out there also keeping stats that would like to share/benchmark results?  specifically i track catheters/cath days, complications per 1000cath days, therapies and outcomes.  i present quarterly at our hospital nutritional support team meeting.  i am particually interested in complication stats.  anyone have any national benchmark data? 
Ann Williams RN CRNI
I am behind on my data
I am behind on my data collection, but I also track the same info as you do.  I am, however, in the home side.  The article that I use for my benchmark is "Central Venous Catheters in Home Infusion Care:  Outcomes Analysis in 50,470 patients" by Nancy Moureau, BSN, CRNI, et al.  From the Journal of Vascular and Interventional Radiology, Vol 13 No. 10, October 2002.  Excellent article, especially for anyone dealing with Home Infusion lines.  Hopefully this might give you some info as well.  Good luck.  If there is anything I can share with you that might help, email me personally at [email protected].  Hopefully someone knows of a benchmark for the in-house patients.
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