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Use of tweezer to Advance PICC Lines

I was just wondering how many people use tweezers to advance the PICC lines though the introducer. Our Power PICC kits do not come with tweezers, and I was taught to advance PICC/midlines using tweezers. Do you advance the lines with sterile, powderless, gloves if tweezers are not available?

Never used forceps!

I began placing PICCs in 1981. I have never used forceps or tweezers to do the advancement and never will! The procedure is tedious and time-consuming. It takes away your ability to feel any resistance as the catheter is advancing. And the reason this was taught is to prevent the particulate matter from attaching to silicone. Silicone has a high negative electrical charge which attracts talc, lint, and all types of particulate from gloves, towels, etc. For this reason, we always placed the catheter in a basin of saline and not on the towels of the sterile field and used powder-free gloves. It was always thought that this particulate led to early stage mechanical phlebitis. This is not as big a problem with polyurethane catheters, however I would still use powder-free gloves. So you can forget the forceps if you prefer. Lynn

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