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Use of "smart" pumps in pediatric ambulatory settings?


Do any of you know the Community or National Standards of Practice for using IV pumps for peds in ambulatory settings.

We have 25 clinics over a 200 mile range, most of which see pediatric patients and may deliver IV fluids or ABX to peds patients. We are purchasing new "smart" pumps and are concerned in keeping 1000 RNs proficient on pumps which they may use as infrequently as once a month as opposed to using Buretrols and an anti free-flow device.


William Hays, RNC

 See the Infusion Nursing

 See the Infusion Nursing Standards of Practice, Flow-Control Devices, page S34, 2011. You will not find specific answers to your exact question as standards are not like policies or procedures. But this will give you information upon which to base this decision. Complex electronic pumps with advanced drug libraries may not be the best alternative for what you described, but there is not document that mandates these pumps always be used. What age of peds patients? What drugs and fluids will be given? Over what period of time? What is the condition, acuity, or stability of these patients? All of that must be considered in this decision. Lynn

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