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Use of C-arm /flouro by RNs

I have a question for the group about the use of flouro.  I work in a small hospital (25 beds, don't laugh) in rural area, and am the only PICC verified nurse. I don't have a locator device like the Sherlock.  Usually the CXR is portable, and I stay at the bedside "scrubbed in", look at my film, and make adjustments right then.  If I have questions, I rely on the ER physician, as the radiologist in not always present. 

So if I have a mal-position, and it is stubborn (I usually try a couple of times with all the tricks I know), and flouro is needed to float it in to central, what are the rules in your hosptials for the use of the C-arm--knowing that the Radiologist would not be present, just the radiology tech?


Kathy Brown

This is a scope of practice

This is a scope of practice issue. What is and is not considered to be within your legal scope of practice is determined by your state board of nursing.  So what others are doing in different states will not apply to you. What state are you in? Have you contacted your state board of nursing?

Most state boards now use the scope of practice decision tree - a set of questions that you and your employer would answer to make your decision about your scope of practice. You will definitely need policies and procedures for this.  If your state does not use this decision tree model, you may have to submit your practice question to the board for a declaratory ruling or advisory opinion, depending upon the process used by your state board. 


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