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I would like to find out what are the best ultrasounds for vascular access on the market, but yet not the most expensive units either... I currently use a Bard SiteRite. I can easily tell structures of arteries and veins, but the picture is really grainy. Also difficult to see nerves in my opinion.


In my opinion, the Sono Site S Series (about 10 years old) images are superior to the Site Rite 6. I can see nerves on the Sono Site but not on the Site Rite 6.

Nancy Rose 


Hi Nancy, This topic is one that I find extremely important to the development and success of an ultrasound guided PIV program.  I have used several ultrasound devices (including the Siterite 6) for both PICC insertion and PIVs.  I too have found that the Sonosite FAST S series is superior to most similar units designed with vascular access in mind.  You just can't beat the clarity and when you see images clearer, your success and accuracy improves drastically.  I have spoken with SonoSite reps, and they are willing to negotiate prices with health systems and they even buy back previous units which make the higher price more competitive, but the extra funds invested in this product will be worth it for your program's success.

Bradford A. Dungan

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