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twitching of arm with PICC

Just wondering if anyone has any feedback for complaint of PICC arm twitching about 10 days post PICC insertion.  Atraumatic insertion. Only complication was complaint of occlusion about a week after placement.  (Lack of blood return and diminished infusion rate).  We didnt think it was related to PICC but peculiar since it is only the arm with the picc that is twitching.  Is there something I should know about this??  could this be some sort of nerve irritation?



First, I need to make sure I

First, I need to make sure I am understanding what you wrote. Did you actually mean that a lack of blood return and diminished flow rate was **not** thought to be related to the PICC? Or did you actually mean something else. Any occlusion problem is related to the PICC until you have conducted diagnostic studies to rule out the catheter. Have you performed a diagnostic ultrasound on this extremity to rule out a DVT? My first thought would be DVT that is also compressing nearby nerve(s). What vein was used for insertion? What size catheter? What is patient's primary and secondary diagnoses? All of this would be required in your patient assessment to determine the likelihood of a DVT. Lynn


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thanks Lynn. I meant that we
thanks Lynn. I meant that we thought the twitching was not related to the PICC. Home health instilled Cathflo the next day after occlusion.  Tomorrow I will do some more investigating/ follow-up and perhaps we will see about doing duplex.  Great point
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