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Gwen Irwin
Treatment of contact dermatitis under CVC dressing

Do you know of successful ways to treat contact dermatitis under CVC dressings?  At this point, it is unknown whether it is a reaction to the chlorhexidine or to the transparent dressing.

So, if the skin isn't "intact" from this dermatitis, what is your care of the site:  skin prep?  Skin barrier?  Different dressing?

Thanks for any help.

Gwen Irwin

Austin, Texas

We have had this come up a

We have had this come up a lot with some of our continuous chemotherapies. I think it's a combination of the drug, the dressing, and the cleanser. We are looking into this at our facility, and have found a few things that help.


We change the cleanser, use  Provodone Iodine, and apply a mepilex border dressing. This needs to be changed every two days, but after a week, we find that the contact dermatis is cleared up, and we can then go back to our normal dressings.

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