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Kim Springer
Transfusing Irradiated blood products

Can you tell me if irradiated blood products need to be given with a blood warmer. One of our nurses evidently did not and was told she should have. I cannot find any evidence or anything that discusses how to transfuse these products. Thanks.

Kim Springer



 No, a blood warmer is not

 No, a blood warmer is not indicated simply because the unit of blood has been irradiated. Radiation is for the purpose of inactivating T lymphocytes, the cause of graft-vs-host disease. Warmers are for rapid transfusion of large quantities and for cold agglutinin disease. Check with the blood bank in your hospital. Ask if they have a copy of the textbook, AABB Technical Manual, from the American Association of Blood Banks. This is where you will find the most appropriate information about all blood transfusion questions. Lynn

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Kim Springer
Thanks so much for your

Thanks so much for your prompt response!

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