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tpa drip protocol/order set

Does anyone have a tpa 2mg/50ml drip protocol/order set they would be willing to share?

Thank you

I don't have the order set,

I don't have the order set, but have the procedure if that will  help you.


Cheryl Kelley RN BSN, VA-BC

That would be appreciated.  

That would be appreciated.


Alma Kooistra
I have one and would be

I have one and would be willing to share if only I knew how to attach it.......I feel like the 'illiterate' member of this infusion family.  If you have an email address I could send it to you.  Otherwise, if Sarah can post it for me I'll send it to her. 

Alma Kooistra CRNI

That would be

That would be great.

[email protected]

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