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Topical Anesthetic: skin refrigerant
Does anyone have any experience with using Ethyl Chloride spray (Gebauer's brand name) as a topical anesthetic prior to venipuncture?  How effective is it and have you had any complications?
we have used that product
we have used that product here at our hosptial but we pulled it from our stock due to recall from company, however it had disavantages, especially with diabetics which was a contraidacted and if staff did not follow instrustions they literally freeze the patient, and we had multiple complaints, good luck!! We do have a poilcy if you would like it..Lorrie
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T. Nauman RN, CRNI  IV

T. Nauman RN, CRNI  IV Educator SHMC Eugene, OR

Does your policy state not to use ethyl chloride spray?  I've been asked to research this and hopefully write a policy that excludes this spray from our list of acceptable local anesthetics for IV/PICC/Port  starts(accesses).


T. Nauman RN, CRNI

Anne Marie Frey
See the attached file. 

See the attached file.  This product is not sterile, only lasts like 2 seconds, so you have to clean the site and stick in that amount of time, and needs to be used in a highly ventilated area, as it is flammable.  There are many better choices out there.  In addition, someone recently posted some photos of horrific skin damage over a port site where this product was used. Anne Marie Frey RN, BSN, CRNI

Clinical Nurse Level Four

Vascular Access Service: I.V. Team

The Children's Hospital of Philadelphia

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