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Time required to adequately cleanse an injection cap

We recently converted our hospital to Micro Clave. When the company inserved they recommended cleansing the injection site for 3min. with alcohol. Today we received an alert to change cleansing time to 30sec.  What's the evidence and the best practice opinion? Thanks, Karen McKeon Philadelphia,Pa

The only real evidence right

The only real evidence right now is a presentation at AVA followed by a published study in JAVA. To my knowledge there has never been any other studies on this issue, but I believe that more are coming. That study found that  a 15 second scrub with both 70% alcohol or 3.15% chlorhexidine/70% alcohol was effective as a disinfectant. The question in my mind is will less than 15 seconds also be effective. And is it feasible to think that all nurses will scrub for 15 seconds. I also emphasize cleaning with a new pad before each and every entry. So for a SASH procedure that would be 4 pads and 4 scrubs. 

1.    Kaler W, Chinn R. Successful dininfection of needleless access ports: A matter of time and friction. Journal of the Association for Vascular Access. 2007;12(3):140-142.

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  There is a study out


There is a study out there by Dennis Maki that showed 67% bacteria left on cap after a 3-5 second scrub.  The study was about a novel cap that he tested, but in the process he did the 3-5 second scrub.  I don't have the article with me but will add it if anyone would like it.

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