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sue verbella
Is there anyone who is using special tubing for the infusion of nitro

There is an ongoing discussion at the facility where I work on whether special tubing for the infusion of nitro is necessary. I have found many references stating that it is. Our CCU nurse manager states there isn't any evidence based study to prove that special tubing is needed. Looking for reference to back this statement and any feedback from nurses as to what is being done at other facilities.

See Infusion Nursing: An

See Infusion Nursing: An Evidence Based Approach, Chapter 20 Infusion Therapy Equipment, page 405 regarding these sets, where I stated that safe care can be performed with or without the special nitroglycerin sets as long as the nurses know the risk. Special sets are either made of non-PVC material or have a special lining to prevent adsorption of the drug to the set. If you do not use one of these sets, close monitoring for clinical response and greater titiration may be required as the drug will adhere to the PVC in the set. Lynn

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