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Texas RN's arrested
Please go to to read more details about this story of 2 Texas nurses that attempted to report the practice of a physician to the medical board and how they have now been arrested for misuse of official information. This is an outrageous situation that every nurse must become aware of, although I realize it is not related to infusion therapy. But it could easily be one of us who act as patient advocates. Thanks, Lynn
Cherokee people
Hi Lynn, Thanks for all the

Hi Lynn,

Thanks for all the good info. I went to this site but was not able to pull the article up. Could you tell me how? Thanks, Vickey

Cherokee people
Thanks anyway Lynn. I
Thanks anyway Lynn. I googled it and found the article. I really feel for these 2 nurses. What's the nursing profession coming to when you can't stand up as a patient advocate. I can't believe that the police found out who they were when it was supposed to be a confidential reporting to the medical board. They will most certainly be in my prayers! I hope they kept good records and that the truth will come out.
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