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Tego needleless connector for hemodialysis

Hi Lyn,

Can you share me information regarding Tego needleless connector for hemodialysis. Did it met the recommendation of INS regarding needleless connector coz this is not split septum device. Though they are claiming that this is the only needleless connector recommended by KDOQI guideline, but i cant find the clinical data that support it. Currently, we are using BD Q-syte. Thank you for more information.

Maan Ciocson

 I can not provide brand

 I can not provide brand specific information. No document from any professional organization like INS or governmental organization like CDC will write documents that recommend brand names. The KDOQI guidelines would be in this same category and not make product specific recommendations. Any time a manufacturer's representative makes claims such as this, you must immediately expect to see it confirmed in a written statement from that company. I am not familiar with any studies conducted specifically on the Tego brand of connector. I think the difference between this brand and all other needleless connectors is that you do not need to remove this connector to perform the hemodialysis. Again, you would need to do a literature search to see if there have been any studies conducted with this brand. Lynn

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