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Angela Williams
Teaching Central Line Care for ICU

 I have been asked by the ICU manager to teach a class for her staff on central line care/maintainence...Since my time will be limited and will be mandatory ( staff paid so make good use of time), and I tend to be long winded...looking for suggestions for what to cover in 30 min?

Correct tip location at the

Correct tip location at the CAJ and how it must be documented, adequate catheter stabilization, dressing change requirements, proper procedure for scrubbing each point of connection - needleless connectors and injection sites on all tubing - for at least 15 seconds with each and every entry into the system, emphasis on how to cover intermittent administration sets with a new sterile end cap after each use, correct catheter assessment - blood return, flushing for resistance, etc and how to manage an occlusion. All of these should focus on the infection prevention aspect of what is being done to each catheter. Emphasize the extraluminal contamination risk - from the skin during insertion, stabilization and dressings and the intraluminal contamination risk of hub manipulation- needleless connectors, and set management, etc. Lynn

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Gina Ward
class topic



  The    has great  educational items;   "Save That Line";  goes over;  scrupulous hand hygiene, aseptic technique, vigorous friction to hubs, and ensuring patency.  Does good to the point coverage of each detail. 


I recently did this in our Skills Fair we have annually;  Did a display board on each subject;  Line occlusions , assessing and dealing with and covered use of Cath Flo,  Prevention of Infection during insertion of the line and covered the Bundles for prevention;  Prevention of Infection during daily care and maintence and used the "save that liine info",  then another board on Preventing Air Embolism during line removal.  I put all I wanted to cover or visual reminders on the board.  It kept me focused and also had great visuals for them.  It took me about 45 minutes to cover all these categories. 



Gina Ward R.N., VA-BC

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