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carol Barker
Swelling PICC arm

We have patient with rt sided breast cancer. A DL PICC was placed in the basilic vein lt side in June of this year.

The vein was large enough for a DL PICC. In the past 2 weeks the patient has noticed swelling from the axilla to the wrist in the PICC arm. No complaints of pain, and the PICC is functioning well.An U/S was ordered to rule out DVT. The results were negative.

Has anyone seen this before, or any ideas on the possible cause.

Something is obstructing the

Something is obstructing the venous blood return around that PICC. This is usually vein thrombus or it could be enlarge lymph nodes. Could the cancer have spread to the other breast and nodes?

Was the U/S done along the entire course of the PICC or just axillosubclavian? Could a clot have been missed if the entire length was not examined? Is there a blood return from the PICC? What is your criteria for the vein being large enough? Sounds like she needs further evaluation. Lynn

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