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Anyone have luck using this product for bleeding sites? I've used it and it doesn't seem to work well.  Other than a gauze dressing anyone else have suggestions?

Surgicel alternative

 Let me first say I work for Cardinal Health.  Cardinal Health is co-branded with HemCon for a product called GuardaCare.  This is a recently launched hemostatic gauze dressing that controls bleeding from oozing to arterial.  In addition it is anti bacterial.  You can get more information from your Cardinal Health rep or from the HemCon web site at

Judy Carrillo RN, BSN, WCC

Clinical Marketing Manager West Region

Cardinal Health

[email protected]

 If I put it on can I then

 If I put it on can I then leave the dressing on for a week? Also the patients with the oozing issues are usually anticoagulated or low on platelets, does it work on these patients? Thanks

Gwen Irwin
 We have used a product

 We have used a product called BioSeal.  It is a powder in sterile packaging.  It seems work well following the instructions.  It isn't very expensive either.

Gwen Irwin

Austin, Texas

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