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Linda Tirabassi

I am trying to obtain approval to do a trial of Statseal in pediatric patients &  have reviewed prior discussion threads from this forum. The EPI RN director is quesitoning if the seal formed from statseal prevents effective protection from biopatch after 7 days? From what I have read, I have not appreciated an increase of CLABSI with the use of this product. Also the formed seal stays in place for about 7 days and it is not suggested to disrupt it with dressing changes, which will fade away on its own.

For those of you who have used the product, can you offer any data about infection rates after implementation? It looks like I may need more data than what the StatSeal's IFU.

Thank you in advance for your information. I always come to this site to verify or clarify some of the practice issues. Your discussion thread are very helpful and I appreciate your shared information.

Linda Tirabassi

Long Beach CA

 Several months ago, I tried

 Several months ago, I tried to find studies on this whole category of products but nothing came up using Google Scholar and PubMed. There is one product to control bleeding that also contains CHF but it is a low amount.. CHG in a patch would not reach the insertion site with this product around the insertion site, but the CHG patch could be applied with the dressing change at 7 days. The CHG skin antiseptic would still be present under the Statseal though. If there is still bleeding at 7 days, it would seem the patient has bigger problems that need to be addressed. Lynn

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Linda Tirabassi
stat Seal continues

Good information, thank you for weighing in,  Lynn. It all helps.

Linda Tirabassi

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