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Standing orders for infusaport flushes in an outpatient setting

We have a number of our oncology patients that come to our free standing Cancer tx. center for routine infusaport flushes. How is the physician's order written for this order? Is there a standing order for both routine flushes and lab draws?

Secondly, does anyone have a routine flush that is ordered less frequent than 30 days, in this kind of outpatient setting?  thanks in advance for your help! Cheryl

Our orders for out patient

Our orders for out patient are generally written for routine mediport flush  q 4 - 6 weeks and prn (yes I hate ranges use the q 6 wks and prn) the prn covers the need to flush with blood draws, some places do have a specific order stating May draw labs through port.

Ann Marie

Ann Marie Parry RN CRNI

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Ann Marie Parry, RN, CRNI, VA-BC

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