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Standard changes with blood sampling from peripheral IV

In reviewing the old standards vs. new ones , I didn't see anywhere in the new standards that peripheral catheters should only be used for phlebotomy at time of device insertion.  If it is in the new standards, could you tell me where?  And if not, is it acceptable to draw labs off the peripheral IV's whenever blood sampling is needed?  I am not finding the guidelines on this.  Thanks.

 The standards of practice

 The standards of practice should not be expected to answser every procedural question you may have. That would be impossible. Procedural questions are not part of the standard of practice. Standard 57 Phlebotomy, II Blood Sampling via a Vascular Access Device, item B contains the standard. There are 4 references listed. I would recommend you find those references, learn more details of what those studies include and make the best decision for your patients. Also note that these studies are ranked as a IV, so they are not high level studies. This points to a lack of adequate studies on many of these issues and therefore all questions would not have evidence based answers, and not more details could be added to the standard. So you must use your critical thinking skills and apply what is known. Lynn

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