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Stabilization device

Is anyone using the Grip-Lok stabilization device?   I am being asked to trial it and the current stabilization device used at my hospital is the StatLok. 

Stabilization Device

I used the SMALLER Grip-Lock product on PICCs & Midlines. I really didn’t care for it.

1.     The area where the catheter is supposed to adhere to is very small and didn’t hold the catheter unless I added tape or a steri-stip over the device.

2.     Upon returning to assess the site, I would see the device still under the dressing but clearly not in the same spot where I applied it OR it was still attached to the catheter and NOT under the dressing.

However, just this week while attending our FLAVAN Summit in Miami Florida, I saw additions to the product line, which is now owned by Baxter and called "Vital-Hold". There are several sizes and I would be interested in trying the larger. It’s worth looking into. Good Luck.


D. Melton

Have you tried "the BONE"? I

Have you tried "the BONE"? I have used that and found it to be as secure as the Stat-Lock with PICC's.

The Bone

No, haven't had a chance yet; however, I have heard great things about that product as well.

D. Melton

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