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Patti Atteberry
Sorbaview Sheid--is anyone using?

Is anyone using the Sorbaview sheild?  It is a 'self contained security system'.  No stat lock or extra securment device, it is all in one.  I have some concerns, but am interested to see if anyone is using these and how they are working for you.

Thank you in advanced.

Patti Atteberry
Patti Atteberry, RN,
Patti Atteberry, RN, CRNI
Manager of Compliance and Risk Management
OSF Home Care Services
Patti Atteberry, RN, CRNI
I do not use but am
I do not use but am impressed with my demo...I have concerns that it is listed (on the packaging) as a dressing with no claim of "securement" or "securement device".  How does this stand with the INS securement statement?????
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