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Sarah Jones
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Smart pumps

I'v been requested to research the new infusion pumps on the market.  I've seen the Alaris smart pump, and the Hospira model.   Are there any other new IV infusion pumps on the market?


I would love to hear from people who have used these pumps to give me pros and cons of each.


Sarah Jones

Carol Gosselin
We use the Sigma Spectrum

We use the Sigma Spectrum pump. IT is  small, easy to use and no major problems . cardiac surgery has using this  pump for about 3 yrs the rest of the hospital for 1 yr. We found it superior to the Alarias, Baxter and B Braun pumps. We are a 250 bed adult  acute care hospital. We are part of a group of 4 hospitals all of which use this pump. We are very satisfied with it.

Carol Gosselin

Jeff Hanks
My hospital is in the

My hospital is in the process of trialing smart pumps.  While we have not made a final decision yet, I am starting to really like the B. Braun Outlook 400ES.    




Jeff Hanks, CRNI-Vascular Access Nurse, Oaklawn Hospital.  Clinical Consultant, Boston Sceintific.

Jeff Hanks, CRNI-Vascular Access Clinical Specialist, Arrow International

Janine Pritchett
We evaluated several models
We evaluated several models before implementing the Abbott/Hospira Plum A+ pumps.  Implementation went very smoothly.  We can run reports on any or all of the pumps at any time to see if drugs are picked for each infusion, etc.  The different areas developed their own "libraries" of drugs and all are on every pump.  It is easy to operate and intuitive as to what to do. 

Janine Pritchett, RN-BC, BSN, VA-BC
Clinical Educator - Vascular Access

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