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Vera J Jeter
Smart Port

We have a patient we just admitted to Home Care who reports that she has a Smart Port. I've been unable to find any information about this specific name of a port. Is it a brand name or something totally different? Is it a power port? Who is the manufacturer? What are any procedural changes from a regular port?  Any help is greatly apreciated.



Scott Lawson
It is a power injectable

It is a power injectable port with vortex technology. It is made by AngioDynamics. You access and flush this port like any other port. There is more information on the AngioDynamics website.

Scott Lawson, RN

Clinical Sales Specialist


Vera J Jeter
Thanks! I'll relay your

Thanks! I'll relay your information and check out the website!

Vera J Jeter, BSN, RN, BC


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